Sunday, February 4, 2018

I love you, so why would you want to go?

I love you so why would you want to go?
I love you wearing one sock
I love you here, in this moment and time, with your cheek pressed against mine
And I come to you to see if the whirlwinds inside of you are still moving
I was dreaming about you when I was sad and I must admit I still am, from time to time,
So if I love you, why would you want to go?
I was studying snowflakes games
And I could feel your warm words
coming to me on a zephyr...

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

She always wins

You heard me crying every night
You saw my blood in the snow
You saw my body lying on the ground
You sewed the lines on my wrists
You saw me sporting a black eye on my way to school
You heard me scratching the hole in the walls
You called the ambulance, you remember how young I was
But you tell a lie so she could always win
I speak but you don't even try to listen
You complimented the wound in my heart
just to stick your fingers, she always wins
She took from me everything that I loved the most
She stole my pride
each one of my innermost thoughts,
written down in my old diary
she told me she decided to burn
She killed in everything in me and she never paid for anything, she always wins
Every reason to wake up
On my back she always finds a place to stab
You helped her to make someone else play my role
Despite me dying to get from life something more
You can always see the stars from the 15th floor
So now I'm standing on a sill, remembering all what's been
The lines she put right through me, still burn beneath my skin

Thursday, January 18, 2018

We could build a bridge out of everything I'm missing

but everything wrong with me has always been you.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Until they go mad

They say that the gates of life are in front of us, open
But how can you make a step when you're so broken
When you're at the crossroads they tell you to take the wrong turn, no one loves you enough to mourn

We live in a place where kids are never allowed to grow up
Where they're taught they're bad until they go mad
Doubt stains every thought, every kind gesture is a trap

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

no Latina

Totes Sirius. PitBull inspired masterpiece:

Yo, ms. worldwide is in your speakers tonight. Check it out.
My mama didn't cook the dinner
she can't cook as good as a Latina
that's why every day I'm getting thinner
and I'm dreaming about taking a flight to where?
Yo, Argentina.
Milan Barcelona Los Angeles New York
It doesn't matter that I'm a dork
cuz I can rock with what?
With my motaaaeffffin spork
But only when my mama cooks the dinner
but she doesn't cuz
she can't cook as good as a latina.
Dale, yo, it doesn't really rhyme with Bale,
but Christian was as thin as me in the movie that wasn't called Salem.
I watched it with my papa
while waiting for the dinner
that he cooked despite the fact
that in the kitchen he ain't no Latina.

The school of fick

I'm a rap Artist now.

My mind is consumed by one memory
All the things you promised her so she'd suck your dick
Looking as happy as if you just won a lottery
Eagerly waiting for her favorite trick
The one that makes her eyes teary
I guess common interests make people click
But on a desert a witch is seen as a fairy
Neither of us have known a girl so sleek
She was all over you like it was a lesson of pottery
Yes, she graduated from the school of fick
she was giving it so hard to you she lost a backbone on that dick
So go and make all her electrodes tick

I see you from time to time and it's making me sick
But you're with a girl that'd fall hard even for a stick

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I wanted to swing, to be your clown with a deep cleavage, to position metaphors, symbols without roots.