Friday, August 19, 2016


All nows are just another chapters
Swirling around my body
So let me touch my explosive skin
To form a new point of reference

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Beaten, bouncing back
My unfaithful heart
Temporary absence
God, help me or forgive me

It's like I sit on a bench and see everything
In the air between us
It's like I sit on a bench to remind myself
Of everything I let go of

My unfaithful heart,
Beaten, bouncing back
Finding its rhythm
God, help me or forgive me

I'm being here so tightly
Pressing my cheek up against the glass
Don't push too hard
Or else it's going to tear my face apart

I'm being here so tightly
And they're pressing my face up against the glass
I'm praying it won't break
Don't push too hard

I'm pulling the roots out
Simply letting them die
The ones that are still holding me here
God, help me or forgive me

Sometimes it dies in you, sometimes it dies in me
This time, just let go of me

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Syncopated in misunderstanding

Every color that I had in me
Has fallen to my feet

My ununited hands
Intervowen with your doubts

Your words were moving through me
as if they were mute hands of the clock


Blood on your hands

So, you started to think
Just sometimes, still not too often
Just some simple thoughts
On some nights you wonder
How to drag me down, drag me down

You saw me shining so brightly,
Above the firmament and just below the ocean
Then you started to suffocate me
My tired bone you played on
So many times, so many times

I need to breathe for just one minute
For a moment or infinity
I won't let you play your funeral tune
I need to solve this puzzle to find out
Who I am behind what you dragged down

What they did to you is what you accused me of
I ask for space but you throw me in the mud
Put different names on my forehead then shoot
You play wars with the innocent
Anyone you can drag down, drag down...

I stir the oceans and shake the skies
Put my screaming on the floor
Close the door, and leave through the window
As far as I'm concerned
You still have the blood on your hands

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A bucket of transparency

You were there and I was the hurt one
You almost got used to it
Like it was expected of me
A circle or another ride on a carousel
A bucket of transparency

Collapsing on my knees
I add a brick trusting I'll find it here later
But you're asking me to keep putting it there everyday
I feel the ground melting in my hands
And for one moment it's mine.

It almost like it's meaningless now
I reached the sky a thousand times
But it's almost like it's meaningless now
I put my fingers in the clouds above me
But it's almost like it's meaningless now
I'm praying they won't run too fast
So it won't be meaningless this time

You're putting up barriers in my mind
Always talking to me, never letting me rest
All the time

Now you're walking on the remnants of my body
I'm asking you to be gentle
You're preparing a seat for me
But I'm still searching for the one that you took
You take away everything from me,
Hoping I'll nest in this dump where you put me
But there are trains still waiting for me.

Because I already reached the sky a thousand times...