Saturday, August 13, 2016

Blood on your hands

So, you started to think
Just sometimes, still not too often
Just some simple thoughts
On some nights you wonder
How to drag me down, drag me down

You saw me shining so brightly,
Above the firmament and just below the ocean
Then you started to suffocate me
My tired bone you played on
So many times, so many times

I need to breathe for just one minute
For a moment or infinity
I won't let you play your funeral tune
I need to solve this puzzle to find out
Who I am behind what you dragged down

What they did to you is what you accused me of
I ask for space but you throw me in the mud
Put different names on my forehead then shoot
You play wars with the innocent
Anyone you can drag down, drag down...

I stir the oceans and shake the skies
Put my screaming on the floor
Close the door, and leave through the window
As far as I'm concerned
You still have the blood on your hands

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