Tuesday, October 11, 2016


It's came too early to me, like a puddle under the table, grief that you poured into me or attribution that is foreign. Once more you're putting a stick into me then you're grinding my insides. Sometimes I hold my stomach, sometimes i hold my intenstines and sometimes I think that its too much of a price for a misunderstanding.

You're adding a tone to my voice and I wonder if I'm able to understand what I'm saying. You're saying or we're saying.
There was brightness in one of my limbs but then the pain started growing like a tumor. We don't know each other and I still think it's too much of a price for what you're trying to make me bear.

You're heading for a run, then for a cleanse in my waters; just to be able to form full statements about me but I still think it's too much of a price for this unwanted connection.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Rainbow current

The humiliation in my elbows is attaching itself to a rainbow current
Then it flushes my head

Your foot is trying to find dry land on my forehead

Lack in my hair
Drenched in the milk from your nails
I was screaming or I was told that I was
I was the void or I was told that I was

You'd put into an archetype or two in my rucksack
I crushed on the shore

Writing on a sticky note I remind myself of who I was yesterday

My drawers are still misplaced
But that's where I put my fishbowl

Sunday, October 9, 2016

How come I know that?


How come I know that?
How come you taught me that?
How to dim my colors when you're all wrong,
How to hold my breath under the water for too long

You threw my heart under my bed
And now I'm trying to fish it out from everything that you have said

Thursday, October 6, 2016


I'm a bag of bones
and you're making a hole
So I could change my course
Lighter with deprivation

I'm a bag of bones
But now you're adding weight
So I could starve to death
On this starry night

I'm a bag of bones
Yet you're taking what's mine
I'm holding the wall
So all these things won't move too fast

You take saints, martyrs from my head; and misattribution
One bead, then another
And I'm... I'm figure scating