Saturday, November 26, 2016

Crazy archetype

Crazy means different. Crazy means living differently than men and misogynist women want you to. Crazy means that you react negatively to the pressure they want to put on you. Crazy means that it's not all games to you and they've taken it too far. Crazy means that it's all dead serious and you're not fun. Crazy means that they went too far thinking you girls are all the same.
Crazy means that you think differently. Crazy means that androgynous people are born despite of the fact that patriarchy sees all women as good to fuck. Crazy means that you have to be good with emotions, it has to be your forte, let me destroy your logic to prove you wrong. Oooh, you're not the master of emotions, sorry, you're crazy now. Thanks to me and patriarchy dot com. Crazy means they they come after what's most intimate to you to make you crazy. Because it turns out that you didnt want any of it. And then they encourage to make it more personal, to make it more intimate but then it breaks you and makes you crazy. You're a serious person. Your observations? Ability to put yourself in the shoes of other? It has to be about you personally. because you see, I've done so many bad things to girls like you that I need to take your intimacy out of you to feel something. We're all psychopaths deep inside. I know it's completely unnecessary but why not make it more tragic? You know, let's act like you have some other personality down there. You'll be sorry that you don't. Let's hit you till you break. There has to be a scar on every bone, lemme show you what I can do with my dick, just wait. Our guilt is still running down the drain. We'll put handcuffs on your life and you're going to live it the way we want. We're going to make people scared of you so they'll doubt your every move... I know girls like you. It's gonna be fun. There has to be something deep inside... oh... it's your stomach. oh well. We'd expected you to be someone completely different. Goodbye.

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  1. Crazy... x36. Psychopatic not so deep. Fuck. American english?