Thursday, November 17, 2016

One step too low

You have never cut this cord have you
You're still trying to find out who plays it best
It's always you, we're stumbling upon you
When you're taking what's mine
It's still about you

And It's just one step too low

It was fine, I had my umbrella
Using it each night when something slipped
Now I'm mostly on my knees praying
While you're listening through the wall
thinking I'm talking about you

And it's just one step too low

I guess it was my business
but then you sold it too cheaply
To the strangers passing by
Munching on the sacred part
I have buried in me so deeply
You have a sweet tooth
but you took it too far

And it's just one step too low

I'm lost I'm finding definitions
For your borrowed power
And the hole in me
You always cut to the core
But this time you have cut mine

And it's just one step too low 

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