Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Turn the waters around

Can I trust you for a while
Cause I've been falling out of my hand lately
You couldn't keep pretending you were me
So you were pretending to be the closest of mine

Now you're tidying up the cabinets for me
And I'm waiting for my rise or your rise
You took so much sailing like a boat on my holy waters
So I learned to wake up just a little bit earlier

I own a clock for every time you're showing me the wrong way
I own a clock for every time you're showing the way the wrong way
And I, I guess it doesn't matter as long as I just keep going
Step by step

Maybe I really did hit my lowest
Who am I to judge my existence splattered amongst waves
So I lay comfortably in the boiling water
waiting for the tea, with my stick to turn the waters around

Girls age fast to keep the pace with your ignorance
And who can blame them for that?
All I have to do is grow up
Peeling the skin that has offended the gods

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Disease of femininity.

Sadly, sexism exists. The thing is that it exists among two genders and it's often overlooked. Many of women are as sexist as men and their hands are as dirty. Why you might ask, why do they feel the need to take your space in life and fill it with theirs? What kind of low emotion? What does make them feel the need to suffocate you? What part of themselves do they see in you that they feel the need to destroy it to make men like them more? Keep your corsets to yourself. Is femininity a disease that some of us suffer from? Like a leprosy but worse?
My rights don't strip you of yours. 
My space doesn't limit yours. 
My life is not threatening to yours.
I have nothing to do with you or with your problems.
Leave me alone.
I'm sitting in my armchair of life proudly. 
What are you going to do now?
There's always a guy that can find a place for you.

My thing

I was eating chocolate and you were sniffing cocaine
And one of us was as high as it can be
Your good is tainted with your old bad
But I'm the one shedding skin
And you're voting for the right
to keep on catching your own tail

Come on, let's have a bath
I'll add rosemary
I'm supposed to be born in a month

I looked in the sky, it was full of friends
This time I'm ready to cut off my leg
if it stops me from flying
I was just 11 at the time
So you're still doing it but with a taint of shame

Come on, let's have a bath
I'll add rosemary
I'm supposed to be born in a month

It was a glorious moment
But you came to me crying
And what you did to me is now my thing
So they say

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Back off

You're coming to me each night
Taking it away and giving it to him
But no one has ever fed his hunger
Look you're making him sick

Shortening me by my legs by my head
Eating me alive like I'm a piece of earth
But she's always running underneath your feet
Just look

I saw him once or twice, I guess it was just a phase
The world was weighing down on me
So I stayed awake when you were getting sleepy
Trying to turn it into a place that is just a little bit safer for me

When you're coming back, you're not coming to me
And I'm trying to bleed out what you have left in me
Are you in for the fireworks or just for the corpse?

There, I was it, now back off

There, I did it, now back off

There, I said it, now back off.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Take them to the sun

You went so deeply into me
Only my elements remembered their names
Asking you what you are doing here
Did you know?
I'm guessing it could've been anyone
I'm waiting for the day I'll see
You went so deeply into me
and now you're calling it a mistake
Lo siento for the blood

Now lemme start acting like it's the last thing that I want

Only my elements recognized themselves
I'd been saving them for tomorrow
For a ride on one of my feet
I look in the mirror and ask myself if anything of me is anything like me
It's like I'm a part of the truth that's why you want to uproot me
You take turns changing the length of my leash
Drying my bones and then I take them to the sun

I've been building it, brick by brick
You've been taking them out,
To live life in your fortress of ignorance
surprised that on some nights I disappear
Then you reassure me that I don't what you mean
And it looks like I don't

All my elements were foreign to you
Then you started to scream
My blood still stinks like fear