Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Back off

You're coming to me each night
Taking it away and giving it to him
But no one has ever fed his hunger
Look you're making him sick

Shortening me by my legs by my head
Eating me alive like I'm a piece of earth
But she's always running underneath your feet
Just look

I saw him once or twice, I guess it was just a phase
The world was weighing down on me
So I stayed awake when you were getting sleepy
Trying to turn it into a place that is just a little bit safer for me

When you're coming back, you're not coming to me
And I'm trying to bleed out what you have left in me
Are you in for the fireworks or just for the corpse?

There, I was it, now back off

There, I did it, now back off

There, I said it, now back off.

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