Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Disease of femininity.

Sadly, sexism exists. The thing is that it exists among two genders and it's often overlooked. Many of women are as sexist as men and their hands are as dirty. Why you might ask, why do they feel the need to take your space in life and fill it with theirs? What kind of low emotion? What does make them feel the need to suffocate you? What part of themselves do they see in you that they feel the need to destroy it to make men like them more? Keep your corsets to yourself. Is femininity a disease that some of us suffer from? Like a leprosy but worse?
My rights don't strip you of yours. 
My space doesn't limit yours. 
My life is not threatening to yours.
I have nothing to do with you or with your problems.
Leave me alone.
I'm sitting in my armchair of life proudly. 
What are you going to do now?
There's always a guy that can find a place for you.

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