Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Turn the waters around

Can I trust you for a while
Cause I've been falling out of my hand lately
You couldn't keep pretending you were me
So you were pretending to be the closest of mine

Now you're tidying up the cabinets for me
And I'm waiting for my rise or your rise
You took so much sailing like a boat on my holy waters
So I learned to wake up just a little bit earlier

I own a clock for every time you're showing me the wrong way
I own a clock for every time you're showing the way the wrong way
And I, I guess it doesn't matter as long as I just keep going
Step by step

Maybe I really did hit my lowest
Who am I to judge my existence splattered amongst waves
So I lay comfortably in the boiling water
waiting for the tea, with my stick to turn the waters around

Girls age fast to keep the pace with your ignorance
And who can blame them for that?
All I have to do is grow up
Peeling the skin that has offended the gods

1 comment:

  1. Let us just leave judging our existence to others...