Thursday, December 1, 2016

Take them to the sun

You went so deeply into me
Only my elements remembered their names
Asking you what you are doing here
Did you know?
I'm guessing it could've been anyone
I'm waiting for the day I'll see
You went so deeply into me
and now you're calling it a mistake
Lo siento for the blood

Now lemme start acting like it's the last thing that I want

Only my elements recognized themselves
I'd been saving them for tomorrow
For a ride on one of my feet
I look in the mirror and ask myself if anything of me is anything like me
It's like I'm a part of the truth that's why you want to uproot me
You take turns changing the length of my leash
Drying my bones and then I take them to the sun

I've been building it, brick by brick
You've been taking them out,
To live life in your fortress of ignorance
surprised that on some nights I disappear
Then you reassure me that I don't what you mean
And it looks like I don't

All my elements were foreign to you
Then you started to scream
My blood still stinks like fear 

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