Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I wanted to swing, to be your clown with a deep cleavage, to position metaphors, symbols without roots.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Eternal things

I was made of eternal things
you found a way to kill it
Sometimes my body takes the shape
of that almost forgotten ache

I was this little girl
that much, rarely anything more
I was this little girl
you rarely thought of

I was made of eternal things
but now it's just a memory
Put on another one,
a memory of my dying body

I was this little girl,
that much, rarely anything more
I was this little girl
you rarely thought of

I was made of eternal things
but it was just one moment in time
I was singing so loud
so the Earth would hear me

I was made of eternal things
but now it's just a memory
The wind was playing a melody
on the bones of my body

I was this belittled girl
you told me I don't know that much
All I knew was my way out
you kept hanging around as long as your lie would last

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Skip one

Swallowing all the seas in search of solution. Breaking away a piece of my freedom to kindle that flame in my heart. And then I hide a bit of my suffering so I still have something for later.

Look at what I'm bringing. All the winters in my hands and they multiply one by one. While my heart, silently, like a prayer is burning all the forests down. You're putting a needle through my selective memory and shadows interchange.

See the innocence in my hair. You misplaced me and then I destroyed every trace of you. In my ever growing strength. But it's never that easy.

I filter the noise through my existence because I still miss you. Your voice and the things I've never told you. I arrange my proteins to decide if I'm coming back as a winner.

An echo of you is flowing through me. Be the summer that is flowing through me. Each of my breaths is colored by you. And then I skip one. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

You'd sleep with my rapist

You'd sleep with my rapist
Speak in a bubbly voice to make it nice
With the one who made me pop out babies
Every year in July

With the one who told me to shut up
When I wanted to speak out loud
With the one who made me pop out babies
Every year in July

You'd sleep with my rapist
Speak in a sparkling voice to make it nice
With the one who made me pop out babies
Every year in July

With the one who wouldn't stop
Despite all my cries
You'd sleep with my rapist
Just to tell me he's a good man 

You'd sleep with my rapist
Speak in my voice to make it nice
You heard that he likes babies
You're already wearing a bow

You'd sleep with my rapist
With the one you didn't stop
So he made me pop out babies
Every year in July

Friday, July 28, 2017

Old accord

We tell ourselves that it's getting better
That we're moving mountains
And that we're friends with the animals around us
But see, a branch just fell down

I've been practicing jumping out of the window since I was 8
I've been practicing collecting stones and drinking tea
I always go for the hardest route
They feel entitled to my sense of entitlement
To the cross eyed justice blowing my head off
But it wears off or washes the streets 

We're special now, rising independently
Praying that God would make something of us
An old accord puts me back in my place

Gay Silence

There are many genders. We're still learning about our biology and our nature.
The world is not flat.
Vaccines have not been proven to cause autism, but it's important to keep your mind open because we're still learning about our biology and our nature.
Christianity is not a religion of peace and I'm glad we parted ways when I was 13.
Women are still discriminated.
Some women are sexist towards other women, but sometimes you're just an awful human being.
People of other races are still discriminated.
Obviously, homosexual people are also discriminated.
Human rights cannot be taken for granted just yet.
We don't care about abuse as a society, it's a hot topic but most of you are living comfy lives while making things worse. You just want to be seen as peacemakers but you have no idea what it's like.
Many people feel good about themselves because their mom told them that they're smart but they're not, but their privilege makes them continue living in this delusion.
Many people have emotional problems and they project their issues onto people that are already mistreated.
Y'all should go vegan.
We're overpopulated.
We still need feminism.
And philosophy.
And science.
And we're still getting there so there's a lot of place of for discussion.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Essay on peace

I'm tired but you come here to make me tell a joke
Cut my brain and sit on my corpse

I'm tired but you come here to make me crazy
One not functioning nerve is turning cold
I'm tired and you're glad

I'm tired but you come here to make me tell you a joke
Cut my brain and sit my corpse at the table
I'm tired but you're still counting on that one not functioning nerve
To strip me down
And send me one of your clouds
I'm tired and I already let go of you 
Wrote an essay on peace
And won a second place

I'm tired and easy to see through
You like my liver 
I'm writing an essay on peace

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Vending Machine

I'd have come to you 
I found a flower on the road and gave petals to the people who raised a conversation in my knuckles
I'd have come to you
Tips were yellow, every roof was breaking down
I'd have come to you
But they grabbed my fingers and stood under each one. One noise then another.
I'd come to you
But I took two sticks and crawled under the grass
I'd put the entire weight of my body right next to you
But the deserts divided then multipled, running still.

I'll send you back to her, I'll send you backwards as she's undressing sunsets, standing in the ground, sucking the air dry.

I loved you the way you love a tree, a bench or a stranger passing by.

There's a vending machine in the hallway where you can insert your coins, where you can give or take.
There's a vending machine in the hallway and there's water on the floor.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Against the rules

It's quite easy so why you are never there
It not that hard but we always seem to part
It's the first thing that comes to mind
Yet we never make it right
It's so obvious but we bend under your rules

It's the first thing that comes to mind
But we never make it right
I'm so sorry babe, aren't you sorry too
For everything we misplace
When we play against my rules

It's quite easy so why you are never there
It's not that hard but we always seem to part
It's the first thing that comes to mind
Yet we never make it right
Life becomes better when you're not here

It's the first thing that comes to mind
But we never make it right
I'm so sorry babe, aren't you sorry too
For everything we misplace
When we play against the rules

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The trial girl and the swimmer boy.

Is Michelle Carter the cure to adhd and procrastination? Can we extract her DNA with alcohol?
- Clean the toilet. You always say you’re gonna do it, but you never do. I just want to make sure tonight is the real thing.
- I'm worried about bacteria
- Don't worry, just do it
- Okai
What is the swimmer boy doing? Watching sunsets?
I'm starting to feel sorry for her. Many times throughout the history people were told that they should just suck it up despite facing grave adversities. I guess everything is relative but I hope that we don't care more just because it's about a rich white dude. Was he rich? I was told that he was. And wasn't she a teen herself when everything happened? Was she the cause of his suffering? Because such people always seem to go unnoticed. But somehow I know everything about her eyebrows and fashion choices. 
In my childhood and throughout my teens I was very suicidal myself but it was up to the adults around me to provide me with wisdom, guidance and support. It was up to the adults around me to listen to me, to my dreams, thoughts and my feelings and try to understand me without judging. That obviously never happened but this is something we need to be clear about - adults are the ones who are in position to help a depressed child or a teen. Not another depressed child who cuts herself. Children are children, teens are teens, they still develop and learn. A person who made me suicidal was invited to the hospital and was one of the first people I saw after I woke up. It's difficult to fathom so much insensitivity, especially since I was a minor then. Nothing has really changed. When I was ready to speak about my issues I was treated like a guilty adult instead of an innocent child who has the right to be silly, play, explore and discover. I don't know if I was suicidal or if I was forced to carry a burden too heavy for my body. I can easily picture someone who already has their own suicidal tendencies to project their suffering onto someone else because they can't see a lot of hope for themselves. It's adults who posses necessary self control and executive skills to analyze the situation and help youngsters. All of them, teachers, counselors, neighbors, doctors and nurses. And if they fail so often, how come we expect that from teens? 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I'd punch your stupid face

I'm the most peaceful being in this world
I hate violence and I don't watch porn
But I'd punch your stupid face
And I'd give it all I've got

I'm vegan and I always opt for a bike
Always somewhere else,
Yeah, that's cuz I'm thinking about art
But I'd punch your stupid face tonight

When I go out I put on spf 50
Yet when I get home, I'm dark brown
But for a long time I've been thrifty
I'm saving for you my every punch

I don't drink alcohol,
I stick to my herbal tea,
You always want to see me doing wrong
Lie to make everyone go along
So go, make the boy whose dick you're sucking
Choke you with your thong
You always hide behind his back,
Hoping for a little smack
Yeah but I meditate, I don't sleep around
It looks like you crossed the line
I'll punch your stupid face just fine 
I'm gonna hate you till you die

Usually I just cry a little,
Sleep a lot it eases the hurt
But it goes without saying
That bitch, I'm done with your dirt 

May the truth set us free...
Bye b.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

So it always seems better

You wrote songs about being hurt after you spotted how suicidal I was. You already sung each one of them and your performance was so convincing that I spent an evening dancing to it. Then I wrote songs for both of us. You already took my chess then showed me how to play games so now I'm having this terrible headache. You taught me everything I needed to know, but I think it was less hurtful when I couldn't recall your name, and what you know it's a part of you so to you it always seems better, I'm holding an umbrella, it's just a shot but you always tell me to keep it in my hands in case you need a place to hide but they're getting numb and I think that even I need to blink sometimes. You're still taking that ride and I just came to say hello, goodbye or excuse myself to the nearest exit. All ships are leaving and I'm hoping that yours will be the first one. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Strawberry Light

I'm the pillar and I'm drowning myself in the nearest lake
I'm the pillar and I'm collapsing again
There are only two pages in between us,
I'm writing everything down

I was told that you were loving me unconditionally but I was walking on thin ice 
There's a clock in my cells
Formed by the youth of my bones

Till they're out of taste

Till they're out

I taught my body how to say no and now it says that all the time

But my skin was strawberry light and hung like a curtain

But my skin was dead and the smell dazed me

I heard you get hurt by a different set of things

They always come and talk to me as if I were you

I'm expecting all the girls...

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Two showers

I already took two showers
Have been waiting for three hours
And there's just one thing, this one thing on my mind

Late May is when life happens

I was so excited just to see you so you told me to shut up and turn around 

You heard I was a dead girl so you went on a killing spree

Listen, I was just trying to make it alright so I slept with her that night

I was just trying to connect all the dots so I gave her all Ive got 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

It's all literal where I live

It's all literal where I live. I'd have listened to you, but I haven't updated my software in a while. I heard screams in the other room and got distracted. It was all grown up around you so I keep taking long showers and hide in my closet whenever I think of you. Now it's a stone so come and think about it a little longer. But my mom taught me that I shouldn't take that much air into my lungs and that I should stay calm so now I'm lying on my bed counting each sip. Our split was inevitable so let's move somewhere where there are fewer kids around because monkey see and monkey do, right? Let's go somewhere where there's still some sequence to our dance. I remember how fluorescently you kept bringing me down. It was just a mistake that happens all the time. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Just in case

There's still a way
There's still heaviness on my back
There's still a cut
In every word I was meant to say
There's still a way
You've been keeping me under your heel to change my perspective
You step back, just in case

There's still intention
In each of my words
There's still pain
On the cloud where we used to rest together
There's still blood on every step
Leading you my way
There's still a hole
In each one of my limbs

I'm a good Christian

Why won't you make use of that 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Your band

You taught me everything with your kiss
Then I took everything with mine
And you stayed round with a funny bellybutton
You knew it'd make me come to you
It's yellow, red and blue where I live
On most of the days I just pass by

Somehow I've known it all right from the start
You could've left my windows intact
I just let it unfold in front of me
Somehow I've known all of it right from the start
You could've left my doors intact
I just let it unfold in front of me 
Somehow I've known it all right from the start
So come on and make me a part of your band 

It already happened
You already won your battles
And I already lost then lied on the floor
You already crashed then left no room for me
Take a good look because I already lost track of how fast I am going
It was the most precious part of you
You spent nights convincing me that it's so
But it's been a while since I've seen you
I almost forgot 

You already defragmented me so I'm putting myself back on
On most of the days suffering makes you crazy
So I'll gladly make you a part of my race 

Monday, May 8, 2017


I was standing in my place,
Now you're putting fractions 1/4, 1/2
I don't want to ever see your face
So you're putting fractions, 1/4, 1/2

You're stealing my time
And putting fractions 1/4, 1/2
As a way of stealing my life
Of putting fractions 1/4, 1/2

Remember when it was whole
You keep putting fractions 1/4, 1/2
And I'm looking for a way back home
To avoid you fractions 

Friday, May 5, 2017

All Ships are Leaving

All ships are leaving and so is mine
We're close to each other
So something disappears and changes in between us
We're close to each other so we get used to ignoring ourselves
This time my absence is what is filling your lungs
All ships are leaving and so is mine

Your force was circling on the lake
As I was skipping rocks on the surface stoning one of us to death
I keep water in jars from that time for every time I feel suicidal
You told me I was gentle and I stretched this word in every direction
Standing underneath and now I'm sleeping in my raincoat
It's a degree of violence that is always present
It's a degree of presence that is always violent
You knock me to the ground to grow in power
And I still have no intention to participate
All ships are leaving and so is mine

I know who I am and they tell me it makes me know you better
It's a degree of presence that is always violent
It's a degree of violence that is always present
All ships are leaving and so is mine

Monday, May 1, 2017

Conditioning and Free Will

Conditionality of your love is exploding under my fingers,
under one of my potential hands.
What took place goes forward and returns.
Fear and my back against the wall
I hear voices deafened by my attempts,
somewhere in the distance,
gliding over the edge,
inviting the banality.
Identification and its number.
Components and they're for me.
I'm standing on a stair, on a relative elevation,
And mute everything, rowing with a low tone.
The full scope and the end.
Everything what's happening 
is crashing against my recultancy to be here.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Second Lumination

You leave
Emerging out of the ashened steam
Of the matter of galimatias
By a deaf, quadrilateral angle 

Unfolded box

You won't come back
The sum of your returns
Sounds of a purring cat
That found itaka of its litter box 

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Curls in my hair. Blood that reaches my brain. Puffiness of my lips. Kiwi fruits that I've had. My me time. My still happening existence. What I think about when I take a walk.
that I take a walk 

Jealousy, everything that's ever been between you and me.

So I cut my head off. I drained the sink then filled it with my blood. Now I swim in my own pool. Skipped my lunch time.
awakened at midnight

Jealousy, everything that's ever been between you and me.

I asked to turn my pain into rain and it was pouring that night so you got up to turn off the light. Then you came to me in the dark and asked: how can I be jealous when nothing's ever been here. I cut your head off. I already filled the sink with your blood then drew your desperation on the floor. Never cross this line. Locked the fridge. Waking up is optional. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

She was just a girl and I was just a baby

It'd be prettier on your side of the road
It'd be prettier if you took it from me
My teddy bears and the bombs in my closet
She was just a girl so for a while she let me hold her sins
She was just a girl and I was just a baby
Mommies like their little girls hurt
So daddies could show them how it goes

You spend nights thinking of what you'd like to make a part of my bloodstream
You showed me what it means to stand in the ring
To you we were made of the same thing
You were hoping I already grew bigger
And I was hurt by your longings
That always seem to get to me
I'm just a figure drowning in your puddle
Im just a figure and I jump right in
Tattoo it on my back, sew it with my skin

You spend nights cursing at the sky
I spend nights climbing on a rope then falling from it
I'm just a figure in your puddle
I'm just a figure and i jump right in
She was just a girl and I was just a baby
Tattoo it on my back, sew it with my skin
I still come to show you that I'm made of different things

I'm all grown up so I'm just another figure to fight
I roll alone and then I strech my tendons
I'm holding a ballon to stay here
But the poison in my veins is easier to take now
I'm solid enough now

Friday, April 14, 2017

Light Green

I've had enough of life but new days keep pouring
She keeps telling me I've had enough of life
Yet she continues taking her clothes off

She's asking me to dance and I will
They'd stab your brother and you wouldn't stop
I stabbed my brother so I could dance with her tonight
So I could free my hands of those pins
She's asking me to dance, I always move slowly
On my side of the fence, filling one of your rooms
Then I sing a lullaby to deaths they were carrying then left in my hands

I've heard it's a love story so I'm still waiting for one
My crystals turn to glass
I keep them in my handbag, I guess I'm not that responsive anymore

They made you pay for it but I'll give it to you for free
Life is full of places where you could go without me

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Seven seas of dreams

They told me there's nothing on my side of the dream
Yet it keeps moving me towards the light
Seven seas of dreams and nothing in between

Monday, April 10, 2017

White temple

Under a veil you're still behind
The moon is ticking slowly now
You're dying for your sins tonight
So keep on praying for resurrection
Something in me didn't agree to skip this part

Be here when I ask for water
Be here when I test the waters
I still wait for you to give me my body back
Send it like flowers

Under a veil you're still behind
The sun is ticking slowly now
You're dying for your sins tonight
So keep on praying for resurrection
Something in me didn't agree to skip this part

It was a tiny spark but it's burned everything down
Looks like there wasn't much
The hole in me fits yours quite alright
But aren't you dying for your sins tonight?
Come on, I'll resurrect you one last time

I'll play with you one more time
As if there are better things to come
Than the lines of your body that fit my hands
I guess I'm dying for my sins tonight
Ressurect me one last time

Friday, April 7, 2017

Eve's daughter

Reality surprised both of us
So you can blame me now 
Reality is cracking my eyes
You're still standing far too close
Reality hit me like a train
Just below my ribcage

Darling, I'm Eve's daughter
They feed me apples
They feed on my apples

I should be coming now
Tingling of have beens and would have beens
Of things that I'm about to spit out of my mouth

Darling, I'm Eve's daughter
And we're just bad girls 
We remained children by our will or lack thereof 
Now we're just bad kids
Here to start a war
To get our justice for every blow

All unnecessary detonations
When I'm fussy and I insist on being myself
And I ask you to keep your change to yourself

They fed me apples
But then they fed on my apples
Soil under our feet was crying for mothers
But I was a kid, so thoroughly unfit
And just so they could start a war
They remained children too

Monday, April 3, 2017

If I can get clean

I couldn't bear to watch the sun go away
So I put out my days
And it was always gone

Then it came to me at night
Burning me to death with its light
I reckoned it was fair

I draw worlds for you sneaking out of mine backdoors
And I bleed out your way to me
Just to wash my hands

I see colors for you
Till I make you run, scream or cry
And you drown me to see if I can get clean

No one ever comes here but the ghosts 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Like 2 and 2

I'm feeling so disturbed
You were exemplary like 2 and 2
Like my collection of stamps
Like the content of my bookshelf

Forgive me on thursdays
But my wantings were out of tune
And I was caught dreaming
Tickling the surface underneath

I'm still grateful for your time
But they dissolved me in your warmth
I was rising right above the ceiling
Throwing crumbles I'm still hoping to find

Accept my most sincere apologies
You were perfect like my tomorrows
Like the consideration of my dog
Looking over me

Everything was screaming in me then
I missed a few daytimes
I'm so upset
Love has marked my forehead 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Peanut butter and jelly

You still remember how the sweetness of my heart made it cheaper
Maybe you didn't deserve any better

Baby now you're looking so thin
So let me feed you with a spoon
I have jelly and peanut butter
Let me learn where to place my legs

Baby now you're looking so thin
Let me feed you with a spoon
With times when I was truer to myself
You still remember how concrete my fear was 

In the summer I'll keep on bringing to you my best cherries
Here where we are it's always freezing
So I'll go and find flowers on the field

You participate in life more often
So I put on my wings to remind you of the innocence we once shared 
Let me feed you with cherries

I couldn't get any tinier underneath this blanket
Maybe it's wrong, this time I left them at the door 
You ask me questions, you're yellow and pink
Now they come to me and ask me how silly I can get
None of that was real 
But I write stories too
We learned our lines through reading
Let me open the window
And check if my rays are in sync

Sunday, March 26, 2017


The thing is
I know how to say no in many languages
And it sounds similar in all of them

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Underneath your pillow

You've been hiding from me long enough
Now I'm willing to take with me
Anyone willing to go after you
To close the hate I have for you in a cup
Sweetened with my no
To polish my tableware clean

Now I'm waiting for you to puke
Everything that you took
In order to show me that you care
You sleep with my skull
Underneath your pillow
Everything's funny till you're the one crying

All my hate in a cup
Sweetened with my no
Now polish them clean
Tick tock

Your perversion burnt my skin
And now I'm coming for you
And I'm coming for you slowly
My fire is cold

All my hate in a cup
Sweetened with my no
Now polish them clean
Tick tock

At this point I'm willing to pray to any God
Willing to take from you what you have stolen from me
Let me burn a sacrifice
That sickens your mind
Listen to my voice
Tick tock

We brought ghosts of the past into our playground
And now in order to show me that you care
You sleep with my skull underneath your pillow
But everything's funny till you're the one crying

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

In the corner

Mama told me that I shouldn't be doing it
So I'm standing in the corner to think it through
Mama told me that it's not for me
So I'm letting go of my will to live,
In the corner I'm standing still

I was above it, flying with the doves
Mama told me that perhaps I'm not
So I'm standing in the corner
because honestly why not

In the corner I'm losing things
Through the window my brain flies
You are waiting for the last train
Boy it's easier to catch me now
You speak softly hoping I'll like it
In the corner there's a chance I will

Mama told me I was just playing,
Pretending like I always do
But it doesnt matter what they're saying
Now that my brain is fried
In the corner I'm growing ill

Monday, March 13, 2017


I love you so let me make a mistake
Deliberately till you show me that I've indeed switched my pose
Listen, I've always been better than all of them
So you won't tempt me to play by their rules

I love you so they've came and told me to change my path
They were lying to me until I ran out of hope
Now it's yes or no
It's zero or none

Let them infantilze me and let me play a saint
Let me take a wrong turn
Maybe you made this decision for me while I was safe in my sleep
We're all waiting for the moment we die
Till we leave our clothes and become who we are
So hit me with your misunderstanding
Retard my bones
Let me put my shirt back on

You've had it all thought out
All I needed was to play my part

The other day I was the most humane in this sexist black hole
I was growing by the leaf
Threading carefully
They told me that the old family curse is still waiting to get me

I love you so let me make a mistake
They told me I can make it
only if I save all of them first

I was a good girl
And then I was a good boy
By your side
I love you so let me make a mistake

I might say sorry 1000 times, let me start

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

On an arrow

We're all friends
Till out of necessity
We become enemies

You were 4 and I was 6
I was 8 and you were 6
I was 15 and you were 16

We're all friends
Till out of necessity
We become enemies 

Girls came
From both sides
I hung the love on an arrow
You were 4 and I was 6

Tomorrow I'll be better
Leave your hands clinging to my feet
Leave this skin in the sand
Leave this hell raising from morning till night

I'll hang the truth on an arrow
And you'll plait haloes 
Around my head
In the corners
It's my own shadow
So let me stand straight
Learn a thing or two about letting go 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sometimes it's all yours, some of it remains mine.

All of a sudden I miss a step
And then you excuse me the lack of continuity 
He dragged me here, taking me by my hair and then asked me to leave some space in me to handle all of his dirt.
To exchange.

I could be stronger getting fat in my tower.
I could be stronger but then I recognize there's no need.

'We found love in a hopeless place' but then again it was all about deserts when we were somewhere else. 

- - -

They told me you were standing over his dead body
But now you're unlocking my valves
They told me you were standing over his dead body
But now you're making my rivers flow

Some of it is yours
And some of it is mine
The guilt in between us is circling around
Sometimes it's all yours 
Some of it remains mine

I put myself in your hands
Staining you with my glitter
But then I remind myself to go back home

There was a break in me
That's left me hopeful
I was flowing in your hands
And now I'm lying on a cloud
With our rights in my pocket
Gods were eager to give me answers
But there was little left of me

He took my grounds where I used to flower

But then you came and I let you in 
That's just all that he's left for me in his will
He'd sworn he wouldn't let me out alive

- - -

Are you a satanist miss? What? I'm a little snake between your sheets, I'm a ladybird sitting on a leaf, I talk to you about ways I die, my puppy and cooking, I get weirder day by day, there was a connection and then I jumped on it with all my weight. I'm here because I'm a girl with daddy issues and this is my entrance pass. He took pins and pushed me to the ground. We do things for grown ups and oh my God, you're so young but I forget to blush so I guess it's all good. People made me feel guilty for growing up, are they doing the same to you? 

I place myself in the queue then I grow weary and even my body is reluctant to stay.

I wash my hair every day and you start accepting my existence as a part of your reality. All my breathing cells. All my syntheses, my mitochondria as I can't accept how they react to you so I leave them and you alone.

It was mine but then they started eating it piece by piece and the fear's crippled me. I was expecting a  breakdown. I've had enough of apples to look this young and now I'm made of candy. They told me you kill people, well, I'm a girl who's forgotten to die.

On the inside

Inside of me I invade, rule and dethrone
Inside of me civilizations arise and they die
Inside of me there are wars and collisions
So you take something from the inside
And I tell a joke and my voice cracks 

Inside of me I know all of you, I am one of you and we keep breathing the same air
But on the outside my difference is pouring out of my pores

Inside of me I am feasting with all of you, drinking wine and watching sunsets
But on the outside I am stronger
And then I speak an octave lower

On the inside I live forever
On the outside I die every day

Monday, February 20, 2017

But then I stopped paying attention and they started giving me pills to fix that.