Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sometimes it's all yours, some of it remains mine.

All of a sudden I miss a step
And then you excuse me the lack of continuity 
He dragged me here, taking me by my hair and then asked me to leave some space in me to handle all of his dirt.
To exchange.

I could be stronger getting fat in my tower.
I could be stronger but then I recognize there's no need.

'We found love in a hopeless place' but then again it was all about deserts when we were somewhere else. 

- - -

They told me you were standing over his dead body
But now you're unlocking my valves
They told me you were standing over his dead body
But now you're making my rivers flow

Some of it is yours
And some of it is mine
The guilt in between us is circling around
Sometimes it's all yours 
Some of it remains mine

I put myself in your hands
Staining you with my glitter
But then I remind myself to go back home

There was a break in me
That's left me hopeful
I was flowing in your hands
And now I'm lying on a cloud
With our rights in my pocket
Gods were eager to give me answers
But there was little left of me

He took my grounds where I used to flower

But then you came and I let you in 
That's just all that he's left for me in his will
He'd sworn he wouldn't let me out alive

- - -

Are you a satanist miss? What? I'm a little snake between your sheets, I'm a ladybird sitting on a leaf, I talk to you about ways I die, my puppy and cooking, I get weirder day by day, there was a connection and then I jumped on it with all my weight. I'm here because I'm a girl with daddy issues and this is my entrance pass. He took pins and pushed me to the ground. We do things for grown ups and oh my God, you're so young but I forget to blush so I guess it's all good. People made me feel guilty for growing up, are they doing the same to you? 

I place myself in the queue then I grow weary and even my body is reluctant to stay.

I wash my hair every day and you start accepting my existence as a part of your reality. All my breathing cells. All my syntheses, my mitochondria as I can't accept how they react to you so I leave them and you alone.

It was mine but then they started eating it piece by piece and the fear's crippled me. I was expecting a  breakdown. I've had enough of apples to look this young and now I'm made of candy. They told me you kill people, well, I'm a girl who's forgotten to die.


  1. This sent shivers up my spine... amazing. Please, don't stop writing.


  2. bont i'r dde, i'r chwith bont, rhedeg cyw iâr, rhedeg, creonau moethus