Monday, March 27, 2017

Peanut butter and jelly

You still remember how the sweetness of my heart made it cheaper
Maybe you didn't deserve any better

Baby now you're looking so thin
So let me feed you with a spoon
I have jelly and peanut butter
Let me learn where to place my legs

Baby now you're looking so thin
Let me feed you with a spoon
With times when I was truer to myself
You still remember how concrete my fear was 

In the summer I'll keep on bringing to you my best cherries
Here where we are it's always freezing
So I'll go and find flowers on the field

You participate in life more often
So I put on my wings to remind you of the innocence we once shared 
Let me feed you with cherries

I couldn't get any tinier underneath this blanket
Maybe it's wrong, this time I left them at the door 
You ask me questions, you're yellow and pink
Now they come to me and ask me how silly I can get
None of that was real 
But I write stories too
We learned our lines through reading
Let me open the window
And check if my rays are in sync

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