Tuesday, March 21, 2017

In the corner

Mama told me that I shouldn't be doing it
So I'm standing in the corner to think it through
Mama told me that it's not for me
So I'm letting go of my will to live,
In the corner I'm standing still

I was above it, flying with the doves
Mama told me that perhaps I'm not
So I'm standing in the corner
because honestly why not

In the corner I'm losing things
Through the window my brain flies
You are waiting for the last train
Boy it's easier to catch me now
You speak softly hoping I'll like it
In the corner there's a chance I will

Mama told me I was just playing,
Pretending like I always do
But it doesnt matter what they're saying
Now that my brain is fried
In the corner I'm growing ill

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