Monday, March 13, 2017


I love you so let me make a mistake
Deliberately till you show me that I've indeed switched my pose
Listen, I've always been better than all of them
So you won't tempt me to play by their rules

I love you so they've came and told me to change my path
They were lying to me until I ran out of hope
Now it's yes or no
It's zero or none

Let them infantilze me and let me play a saint
Let me take a wrong turn
Maybe you made this decision for me while I was safe in my sleep
We're all waiting for the moment we die
Till we leave our clothes and become who we are
So hit me with your misunderstanding
Retard my bones
Let me put my shirt back on

You've had it all thought out
All I needed was to play my part

The other day I was the most humane in this sexist black hole
I was growing by the leaf
Threading carefully
They told me that the old family curse is still waiting to get me

I love you so let me make a mistake
They told me I can make it
only if I save all of them first

I was a good girl
And then I was a good boy
By your side
I love you so let me make a mistake

I might say sorry 1000 times, let me start

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