Friday, April 28, 2017

Second Lumination

You leave
Emerging out of the ashened steam
Of the matter of galimatias
By a deaf, quadrilateral angle 

Unfolded box

You won't come back
The sum of your returns
Sounds of a purring cat
That found itaka of its litter box 

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Curls in my hair. Blood that reaches my brain. Puffiness of my lips. Kiwi fruits that I've had. My me time. My still happening existence. What I think about when I take a walk.
that I take a walk 

Jealousy, everything that's ever been between you and me.

So I cut my head off. I drained the sink then filled it with my blood. Now I swim in my own pool. Skipped my lunch time.
awakened at midnight

Jealousy, everything that's ever been between you and me.

I asked to turn my pain into rain and it was pouring that night so you got up to turn off the light. Then you came to me in the dark and asked: how can I be jealous when nothing's ever been here. I cut your head off. I already filled the sink with your blood then drew your desperation on the floor. Never cross this line. Locked the fridge. Waking up is optional. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

She was just a girl and I was just a baby

It'd be prettier on your side of the road
It'd be prettier if you took it from me
My teddy bears and the bombs in my closet
She was just a girl so for a while she let me hold her sins
She was just a girl and I was just a baby
Mommies like their little girls hurt
So daddies could show them how it goes

You spend nights thinking of what you'd like to make a part of my bloodstream
You showed me what it means to stand in the ring
To you we were made of the same thing
You were hoping I already grew bigger
And I was hurt by your longings
That always seem to get to me
I'm just a figure drowning in your puddle
Im just a figure and I jump right in
Tattoo it on my back, sew it with my skin

You spend nights cursing at the sky
I spend nights climbing on a rope then falling from it
I'm just a figure in your puddle
I'm just a figure and i jump right in
She was just a girl and I was just a baby
Tattoo it on my back, sew it with my skin
I still come to show you that I'm made of different things

I'm all grown up so I'm just another figure to fight
I roll alone and then I strech my tendons
I'm holding a ballon to stay here
But the poison in my veins is easier to take now
I'm solid enough now

Friday, April 14, 2017

Light Green

I've had enough of life but new days keep pouring
She keeps telling me I've had enough of life
Yet she continues taking her clothes off

She's asking me to dance and I will
They'd stab your brother and you wouldn't stop
I stabbed my brother so I could dance with her tonight
So I could free my hands of those pins
She's asking me to dance, I always move slowly
On my side of the fence, filling one of your rooms
Then I sing a lullaby to deaths they were carrying then left in my hands

I've heard it's a love story so I'm still waiting for one
My crystals turn to glass
I keep them in my handbag, I guess I'm not that responsive anymore

They made you pay for it but I'll give it to you for free
Life is full of places where you could go without me

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Seven seas of dreams

They told me there's nothing on my side of the dream
Yet it keeps moving me towards the light
Seven seas of dreams and nothing in between

Monday, April 10, 2017

White temple

Under a veil you're still behind
The moon is ticking slowly now
You're dying for your sins tonight
So keep on praying for resurrection
Something in me didn't agree to skip this part

Be here when I ask for water
Be here when I test the waters
I still wait for you to give me my body back
Send it like flowers

Under a veil you're still behind
The sun is ticking slowly now
You're dying for your sins tonight
So keep on praying for resurrection
Something in me didn't agree to skip this part

It was a tiny spark but it's burned everything down
Looks like there wasn't much
The hole in me fits yours quite alright
But aren't you dying for your sins tonight?
Come on, I'll resurrect you one last time

I'll play with you one more time
As if there are better things to come
Than the lines of your body that fit my hands
I guess I'm dying for my sins tonight
Ressurect me one last time

Friday, April 7, 2017

Eve's daughter

Reality surprised both of us
So you can blame me now 
Reality is cracking my eyes
You're still standing far too close
Reality hit me like a train
Just below my ribcage

Darling, I'm Eve's daughter
They feed me apples
They feed on my apples

I should be coming now
Tingling of have beens and would have beens
Of things that I'm about to spit out of my mouth

Darling, I'm Eve's daughter
And we're just bad girls 
We remained children by our will or lack thereof 
Now we're just bad kids
Here to start a war
To get our justice for every blow

All unnecessary detonations
When I'm fussy and I insist on being myself
And I ask you to keep your change to yourself

They fed me apples
But then they fed on my apples
Soil under our feet was crying for mothers
But I was a kid, so thoroughly unfit
And just so they could start a war
They remained children too

Monday, April 3, 2017

If I can get clean

I couldn't bear to watch the sun go away
So I put out my days
And it was always gone

Then it came to me at night
Burning me to death with its light
I reckoned it was fair

I draw worlds for you sneaking out of mine backdoors
And I bleed out your way to me
Just to wash my hands

I see colors for you
Till I make you run, scream or cry
And you drown me to see if I can get clean

No one ever comes here but the ghosts