Friday, April 7, 2017

Eve's daughter

Reality surprised both of us
So you can blame me now 
Reality is cracking my eyes
You're still standing far too close
Reality hit me like a train
Just below my ribcage

Darling, I'm Eve's daughter
They feed me apples
They feed on my apples

I should be coming now
Tingling of have beens and would have beens
Of things that I'm about to spit out of my mouth

Darling, I'm Eve's daughter
And we're just bad girls 
We remained children by our will or lack thereof 
Now we're just bad kids
Here to start a war
To get our justice for every blow

All unnecessary detonations
When I'm fussy and I insist on being myself
And I ask you to keep your change to yourself

They fed me apples
But then they fed on my apples
Soil under our feet was crying for mothers
But I was a kid, so thoroughly unfit
And just so they could start a war
They remained children too

1 comment:

  1. This triggers a lot of feelings for me. Quite well done.