Friday, April 14, 2017

Light Green

I've had enough of life but new days keep pouring
She keeps telling me I've had enough of life
Yet she continues taking her clothes off

She's asking me to dance and I will
They'd stab your brother and you wouldn't stop
I stabbed my brother so I could dance with her tonight
So I could free my hands of those pins
She's asking me to dance, I always move slowly
On my side of the fence, filling one of your rooms
Then I sing a lullaby to deaths they were carrying then left in my hands

I've heard it's a love story so I'm still waiting for one
My crystals turn to glass
I keep them in my handbag, I guess I'm not that responsive anymore

They made you pay for it but I'll give it to you for free
Life is full of places where you could go without me


  1. Karolina, this is very moving. 👍👍❤

  2. You asked what our favorite color is. Mine was purple, but my
    paskudnej małpy Made it turn to red.🔥 Now that's she's dead, it is again, purple! 💜 (They can take our favorite colors away, but we can get them back!)