Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I'd punch your stupid face

I'm the most peaceful being in this world
I hate violence and I don't watch porn
But I'd punch your stupid face
And I'd give it all I've got

I'm vegan and I always opt for a bike
Always somewhere else,
Yeah, that's cuz I'm thinking about art
But I'd punch your stupid face tonight

When I go out I put on spf 50
Yet when I get home, I'm dark brown
But for a long time I've been thrifty
I'm saving for you my every punch

I don't drink alcohol,
I stick to my herbal tea,
You always want to see me doing wrong
Lie to make everyone go along
So go, make the boy whose dick you're sucking
Choke you with your thong
You always hide behind his back,
Hoping for a little smack
Yeah but I meditate, I don't sleep around
It looks like you crossed the line
I'll punch your stupid face just fine 
I'm gonna hate you till you die

Usually I just cry a little,
Sleep a lot it eases the hurt
But it goes without saying
That bitch, I'm done with your dirt 

May the truth set us free...
Bye b.

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