Thursday, June 29, 2017

The trial girl and the swimmer boy.

Is Michelle Carter the cure to adhd and procrastination? Can we extract her DNA with alcohol?
- Clean the toilet. You always say you’re gonna do it, but you never do. I just want to make sure tonight is the real thing.
- I'm worried about bacteria
- Don't worry, just do it
- Okai
What is the swimmer boy doing? Watching sunsets?
I'm starting to feel sorry for her. Many times throughout the history people were told that they should just suck it up despite facing grave adversities. I guess everything is relative but I hope that we don't care more just because it's about a rich white dude. Was he rich? I was told that he was. And wasn't she a teen herself when everything happened? Was she the cause of his suffering? Because such people always seem to go unnoticed. But somehow I know everything about her eyebrows and fashion choices. 
In my childhood and throughout my teens I was very suicidal myself but it was up to the adults around me to provide me with wisdom, guidance and support. It was up to the adults around me to listen to me, to my dreams, thoughts and my feelings and try to understand me without judging. That obviously never happened but this is something we need to be clear about - adults are the ones who are in position to help a depressed child or a teen. Not another depressed child who cuts herself. Children are children, teens are teens, they still develop and learn. A person who made me suicidal was invited to the hospital and was one of the first people I saw after I woke up. It's difficult to fathom so much insensitivity, especially since I was a minor then. Nothing has really changed. When I was ready to speak about my issues I was treated like a guilty adult instead of an innocent child who has the right to be silly, play, explore and discover. I don't know if I was suicidal or if I was forced to carry a burden too heavy for my body. I can easily picture someone who already has their own suicidal tendencies to project their suffering onto someone else because they can't see a lot of hope for themselves. It's adults who posses necessary self control and executive skills to analyze the situation and help youngsters. All of them, teachers, counselors, neighbors, doctors and nurses. And if they fail so often, how come we expect that from teens? 

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