Tuesday, June 27, 2017

So it always seems better

You wrote songs about being hurt after you spotted how suicidal I was. You already sung each one of them and your performance was so convincing that I spent an evening dancing to it. Then I wrote songs for both of us. You already took my chess then showed me how to play games so now I'm having this terrible headache. You taught me everything I needed to know, but I think it was less hurtful when I couldn't recall your name, and what you know it's a part of you so to you it always seems better, I'm holding an umbrella, it's just a shot but you always tell me to keep it in my hands in case you need a place to hide but they're getting numb and I think that even I need to blink sometimes. You're still taking that ride and I just came to say hello, goodbye or excuse myself to the nearest exit. All ships are leaving and I'm hoping that yours will be the first one. 

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